#1: How Choosing Fear Made Us Fear Less

Feb 25, 2023


As tempting as it is to feel like fear happens to us, it's important to remember we have agency over the emotions we feel in performance. 

That's right.  We choose fear.  

..wait, what?!

We get it.  You'd sooner choose to do your taxes twice over than feel your heart pounding right outta your chest during the high delicate entrance in second movement of Beethoven's Fourth Symphony. 

But the great thing about believing that we choose fear is that we can choose better than fear. 

In today's episode, we'll discuss one of the best-known and empirically-verified emotion regulation models from Dr. James Gross, the director of The Psychophysiology Lab at Stanford University.  This model sheds a spotlight of clarity on tiny ways we allow fear to take the stage, and what we might do differently! 

Dive on in and learn: 

  • An official Fearless tool to measure your performance so you can use the data to make your next one better.
  • The choice we have when it comes to fear (and the opportunities to choose better)
  • How to use perfectionism to fuel your motivation rather than derail your self-worth
  • Some ways you can start reaping the benefit of healthy fear
  • A simple 5-step checklist to get you leveraging fear to fuel your performance aims this week

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