#3: 7 Ways to Self-Regulate in Performance

Feb 25, 2023

 What do we truly fear in performance? 

Is really the missed notes? Lost opportunities?  Potential for embarrassment? 

Think back to a time when you performed GREAT! ...yet still faced one or two of those results.  Chances are. even if you might have felt deeply disappointed about the outcome, you still felt pretty good about how you showed up. 

In today's episode, we're talking about what we really fear in performance: not being able to show the audience what you know you can do.  It's congruence, yeah?  Being able to be who you are, no matter who is watching. 

Dive on in and learn: 

  • The funny way Katy's brain (and 30% of musicians) doesn't seem to work 
  • The 7 processes our minds use to help use to self-regulate in performance, so we can manage ourselves well and act in alignment with who we want to be. 
  • What former Chicago Symphony Principal hornist, Dale Clevenger, would do to help his students develop more self-awareness. 
  • Tips and tricks to boost use the way your mind works your advantage and compensate for what could be working a bit better. 

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