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[Free Webinar] Your Ultimate Guide to Performance Success

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Summer’s flying by, eh!? Well it’s not over yet, so please enjoy the “rest” of your summer…and remember to find some time to chill with your close friends and family. My grandfather would say, “Time is the most valuable commodity on Earth, because once you spend it, it’s gone forever.”

Speaking of the value of time, how goes your preparation for your next performance?

Today marks two-weeks-left for my students to prepare for their large ensemble placement audition on August 23. I still remember, when I was in school at McGill University in Montreal, how I would freak out for those audition performances.

I think for my 6 semesters there, out of the approx. 25 hornists auditioning my record was something like:

Winnipeg Symphony
Montreal Symphony

My 6th ranking meant I was first in the wind ensemble, loved it!! Next semester, I over trusted my preparation, placed 18th, and played for a semester in an ensemble I did not love as much.

During that time, I dug deep and vowed to figure out how I could play closer to my best in the next placement audition. I leapt from 18th to 3rd, then 2nd, 1st, 1st, job…

I know for sure that my leaping had much less to do with my improvement of horn playing and way more my improvement of practicing, listening, and performing. All those mental game things are what I leveraged to consistently improve and show those improvements in performance as well. And so, this is where Fearless Performance started.

That was over 30 years ago (whoah…) and I’ve never stopped learning and teaching what can help me and others reach our performance goals.

My free webinar is Wednesday, August 17 at 2pm Eastern time (register here!) It’s called, “Your Ultimate Blueprint for Performance Success” with a fun subtitle I hope connects well too… “Are you tired of sucking on-stage?”

One of the worst feelings in the world is walking offstage after giving your all to prep and performance and feeling like you performed at around 70% of your potential…or less. You can wonder, is it worth it to practice so much if it doesn’t play out onstage? Is your plan as good as it needs to be? Will your best be good enough? …do you have what it takes?

Yup. You do.

Can you do this? YES.

Will you do this? THAT’S the all-day, all-months choices battles ahead of you. "Will you do this?" is up to you.

But here’s some awesome help!! You are most certainly already aware that the training systems and the people who can help you with your self-knowledge are all out there. Well, this webinar will be specifically about one of those systems that can work, and has worked for thousands of performers of all ages, all skill levels, all instruments and voices.

In this class you’ll get a 5-Pillar Performance Training Blueprint that can help you:

Make your best better: get full clarity on structuring your training so you wake up each day knowing what to do, and that the work will pay off.

Perform your best when it matters most: learn to know and trust yourself a bit more so you can create consistent, high-quality performances.

And to get you started, here’s a simple plan to execute right now, so you can claim your free spot for Wednesday!

  1. Go to our registration page
  2. Sign up for the training
  3. Over the next week, we’ll send you your Zoom link, reminders about the class, and some tips on how to start adjusting your training process
  4. Jump on Zoom at 2 PM ET Wednesday, August 17
  5. Learn the simple 5-pillar performance training blueprint that is customizable to your specific performance success goals
  6. Stay for the Q & A session where you can ask any of your performance questions or questions about the process
  7. Plug-and-Play! If that’s too old a term for me to use, it is a gaming term that means you plug the blueprint into what you're already doing, and you can play right away!

If you can’t make the live time, everyone who registers will get an email after the class with a link to the replay so you can watch it all later.

Your time is valuable. For this webinar, the information has been carefully curated so there is no-fluff. Everything I share has the specific aim to get you taking your next step forward. Anything that doesn’t contribute to that goal has been cut oot, eh!?

Click here to sign up for this webinar, and let’s get you consistently crushing it in preparation and performance.

Looking forward to seeing you,


P.S. This class is great for all ages and all levels, so please feel free to make this training available to your students and share this post with them!

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