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The difference between goal-hitters and goal-ok-this-time-I'll-try-harders

deliberatepractice habits mindset practice tools productivity time management Nov 11, 2022

Just a quick question for you... but do please take a moment to consider it.

Where are you playing small? Or maybe we should ask, where are you FEELING small?

Most people come to us because they notice they feel and end up playing small in performance. But we’re on our third issue of a deliberate practice series (here’s the start in case you missed it!) because we are not only interested in how you feel in performance. How you feel in your day-to-day experience matters, too.

Sharing fearlessly is not an ability at which you arrive on performance day. It’s a daily practice and a continual state of becoming.

And we are all becoming!

We mean, yesss, you’re super cute!!!! :) AND we all have some goal or change we wanna make that’s eluding us right now.

A well-intentioned piece of relationship advice that’s being proliferated lately is this: if they really wanted to, they would. Contextually, it’s about letting go of people who say they want one thing but consistently do another, so you can move toward finding people who show up for you. When we turn that advice on ourselves, what happens?

If you really wanted to, you would.

If you’re anything like us, there is a part of you that is responding, okay, yeah, bring it!!! I’ll double down and figure this out.

Another part feels like crap! Yeah, you’re right. I’m not enough. I don’t have the grit. I don’t have the discipline. I don’t have the willpower.

We know from working directly with many of you, this is simply not true. People genuinely DO want to improve. They genuinely want to fulfill their potential and genuinely want to perform at a high level.

If you’re struggling to improve in some area, the issue isn’t you. There’s actually not much that separates you from the people you see who are killing it, except one thing. Those finding success have built a system of behaviors that inevitably carry them to their desired outcome.

If there is ever a gap between your desired outcome and your daily habits, your daily habits will always win.

If you’re not happy with your current results, commit to playing a bigger game. Build yourself a better system. We created the How to Create a Tiger Time Practice Ritual guide to help you do this around practice. Click to get yours free if you haven't already!

Next week, we’ll pick back up with deliberate practice activities and talk way more specifically about playing a big game in the practice room.

You’re a BIG deal! You can achieve your goal.

(we haven’t doubted you for a second!)

Jeff Nelsen

Dr. Katy Webb
Creative & Managing Director

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