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LLL #3: Picking a Color Palette, Health Hours, & Choosing Empowering Language

business management fear learnlovewellletgo performance anxiety Dec 09, 2021


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We've got a theme for this week's trio of learning, loving well, & letting go, annddd that theme is FEELING.

Don't worry. This isn't a break-out-the-tissue-box-and-gimme-all-the-feels kind of newsletter (though, just wait until Blair graduates kindergarten...!?).

It's just, so many things impact the way we feel. Subtle things like the colors we see, the way we start our mornings, the language we choose...

To give our best performances (and more importantly, to promote well-being), we're aiming to choose our way into a high-energy, positive zone.

“I don’t hope to have energy. I generate energy.”

- Brendon Burchard

Check out some unique ways we've stumbled into energy-generating choices!


As musicians, we're called to evolve in way more ways than our musical abilities. Entrepreneurship, branding, marketing, website-building, and more... This week, we found an awesome website that will help you with some of those business details.

Jump over to coolors.co, a free site that teaches you how to quickly and easily create your very own perfectly coordinated color palette for your website or social media.

Music is all about FEEL - groove and style... You can reflect your style with the colors you use, too! Check out some common emotional associations with color. Then, design your palette around the vibe you want to share!

Image Source: Usertesting.com

Love Well

By far, the best way we have been loving ourselves well is through Health Hour! YEP! We're following up with you :)

How's it going!? We didn't realize when we first shared two weeks ago just how energized and centered Health Hour has us feeling! Let's swap pics! Just reply to this email with yours.

If you're having trouble kick-starting your Health Hour, start with just 10 minutes, instead. Once your Health 10 becomes a routine, bump it up to Health 20 and so on until you've reached your target!

Let Go

"Language doesn't communicate emotion; it shapes emotion."

-Brené Brown

Ever notice that the way we talk about fear shapes a belief that fear happens to us? "The audience made me scared" or "I got nervous."

While the presence of an audience can be scary, it doesn't have to be. The issue with giving up our choice when it comes to fear is that it inspires a state of reaction, recovery, and avoidance. It doesn't work.

We get to choose to talk about how we're feeling a bit differently. In fact, learning how to pause, take a breath, and choose a response when we're feeling some fear is the ONLY way to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Throughout your day, notice what words you are choosing to shape your experience. Let go of words that dim your energy and choice, and instead, embrace words that empower and energize you.

Here's a quick guide. When you use words expressing...

Fear, seek Love.

Control, choose to Allow.

Obligation, recognize your Choice.

Need, uncover your Want.

Judgment, choose Acceptance.

* * *

We're seeking just tiny tweaks in our days. Surrounding ourselves with a little more color. Noticing and swapping one word.

These are the things to celebrate. 🎉 Ya feel me?

Best wishes!

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