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The Power of 5-minute Wins

mindset practicetips productivity Nov 22, 2022

As we draw closer to end-of-year performances, you might notice your practice sessions have started to feel a bit rushed and frazzled. How do you allow yourself the space, freedom, and ease to practice effectively when you have looming deadlines? We have a few thoughts! Let’s dive in.


How long does it take to learn something? We bet you can look back at times in your practice and see that five minutes can make a huge difference. You’ve worked out SOMETHING in five minutes and BOOM, it’s accelerated you on.

Or maybe it was an hour, or sometimes a whole day, where you didn’t feel like you were getting anywhere. But the next day? BOOM–oh that’s what to do!

Put together all your past five-minute moments where something has clicked, and that’s actually all you need!

Five minutes makes the difference.

(here’s a graphic for your phone wallpaper to remind you!)

Love Well

Let’s learn to love the little 5-minute moments in our lives so soooo well by putting this idea into practice. You can, of course, look ahead at your performances to plan your practice priorities. But when you are in the act of practicing? Stayyy present. Allow yourself the opportunity for five minutes of development.

Please don’t demand it of yourself, or rush to make the development happen.

Instead, stay in the now with a high-level of focus on what you want: quality, flow, and connection. As you work through your music and do the little things well, you can start to recognize an unfolding of oooo here is the sound I’m looking for, and yesss this is what I want to do here… development!

Work from a place of positivity– searching for what you want–instead of trying to get this “right” in time. It’s a much more enjoyable and fulfilling way to build!

Let Go

Staying present can take constant redirecting. We notice our fear. We hope we’ll be ready in time. We’re freaking out, because okay this five minutes isn’t going the way we want…

Notice, then let go.

Do these five minutes well. Stay in the now as much as possible, and give yourself a five-minute gift :)

5 minutes of rest
5 minutes of hydration
5 minutes of practicing
5 minutes of enjoying your sound
5 minutes of enjoying the connection of your line
5 minutes of reading hopefully an awesome newsletter?!

Cheering you on!

Jeff Nelsen

Dr. Katy Webb
Creative & Managing Director

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