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LLL Edition #2: Boost Your Backstage Rituals, Our Whimsical Lives, and Embracing a Performance Mindset backstage rituals learnlovewellletgo performance anxiety practice tools quotes


Happy Tuesday! Welcome to the second edition of our Learn, Love Well, and Let Go series.  If you don't want to miss a newsletter, subscribe!...

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LLL #1: Health Hours, Wireless Mics, and Flying! health learnlovewellletgo practice tools quotes


We've been thinking about this idea... check it out.

The little things are the big things.

The sip of coffee first thing in the morning
A "how ya...

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What's Driving Your Performance? mindset preparation

Just as the light turned yellow, I considered my distance to the intersection and speed, and lifted my foot off the gas and hit the brake.  My car slowed to a stop as other cars began crossing...

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Constructive Panic fear procrastination time management

As we work well toward eliminating fearful choices from our performance arena, we can still be inspired by fear in our preparation arena.

Fear is not bad. 

Negative results from our fear are...

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The Better You No Your Friends brendon burchard time management

...the better your real friends get to support you.

And you get to support yourself, and what's most important in your life.


It's the most powerful word you can use.  You get...

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Taking Performance to a New Stage

Hi everyone!

Well if we weren’t before, we’re sure online now!

We’ve all been seeing a ton of videos on social media of people sharing their performances, whether it be through...

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