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[Free Webinar] Your Ultimate Guide to Performance Success fearless performance training blueprint performance anxiety preparation time management

Summer’s flying by, eh!? Well it’s not over yet, so please enjoy the “rest” of your summer…and remember to find some time to chill with your close friends and family....

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How to Train for Your Performance in 3-Day Splits practice tools preparation time management training plan

It’s summertime here in Indiana, and we skipped right to “too hot”! It just means trampoline in the morning, and then inside practicing!

Yes, summer is a time for rest, recreation,...

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Constructive Panic fear procrastination time management

As we work well toward eliminating fearful choices from our performance arena, we can still be inspired by fear in our preparation arena.

Fear is not bad. 

Negative results from our fear are...

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The Better You No Your Friends brendon burchard time management

...the better your real friends get to support you.

And you get to support yourself, and what's most important in your life.


It's the most powerful word you can use.  You get...

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