Are you ready to...

✓  Walk out of your next performance knowing you shared your best?
  Make your best better?
  Connect with your audience through your powerful stories?

Are you ready to...

 Walk out of your next performance knowing you shared your best? 
 Make your best better?
Connect with your audience through your powerful stories?


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Hey there! Got a Performance?
We've Got Performance Training. 


We want the last time you walked off stage disappointed to be
the LAST time

Imagine if you could:

  • Feel grounded and safe in your body during a performance instead of being at odds with it?
  • Embrace the thrill of performance rather than shrink from the fear of failure?
  • Build a healthy mindset that will empower and accelerate your development instead of hold you back?
  • Share performances that make a difference and connect deeply with an audience who needs to hear the message only you can tell? 
  • Walk confidently into performance and know what to do and what to focus on at each step rather than fearing the unknown?

We passionately believe you can, and we've designed this seminar experience to help get you there. 

But how do you consistently perform your best when performance anxiety can be so unpredictable?

It's actually a lot simpler than you might think. By following our strategy, with the step-by-step guidance you'll get along the way, you'll learn the roadmap to execute at your highest level! 

Achieve Your Best Results Yet

We’ll show you exactly what habits, mindsets, and tools you need to make sure your next performance delivers the best results you’ve seen.

Execute Easily

Imagine walking out of your performance knowing you did an even better job than you did last time?! Trust us, it’s possible, our performance framework will evolve with you as your skills evolve. Learn it in one weekend, then spend the rest of your time focused on other things that’ll boost your bottom line.

Shorten Your Learning Curve 

Build your self-knowledge and learn what you need to perform your best each and every time.

Gain Transformational Support

We’re cheering you on wayyy beyond the seminar. You’ll become a member of our Fearless Campers Facebook community and join a team of like-minded performers with whom to continue practicing your skills.

Shrink Your Quality Gap

Learn how you can narrow the difference between what you can do and what you actually do in performance.

Rinse and Repeat

We’re going to help you create your very own performance playbook that will help you execute successful performances time and time again.

Hey! I'm Jeff Nelsen,
and this is Dr. Katy Carnaggio

We're the co-creators behind Fearless Performance, an incredible performance community of compelling storytellers of all kinds.

While I’ve been performing on professional stages throughout the world for decades, Katy has been pouring through research literature to pull evidenced-based strategies that work... a total tag team and we'll be standing right beside you to make sure you've got all your performance bases covered.

We've worked together on multiple successful frameworks that combine audition-winning performance experience with cognitive science principles to boost our own performance skills, as well as our clients'. 

In fact, Fearless Performance has helped musicians win professional auditions for jobs in orchestras like the Chicago Symphony and Cleveland Orchestra, business people perfect their marketing pitches, speakers prepare for TedX stages, kids nail their show-and-tell performances and more. 

The reason that we decided to bottle our know-how and put it out into the world, is because we know the deep struggle of having good abilities and bad performance experiences. We've found our way through and are here to help you do the same.

Here's What Our Clients Have to Say

David Cooper
Chicago Symphony

I am now a true believer in Fearless Performance training. It was the missing piece I needed to convey my story and to take my performance in auditions to the next level!

Christine Beattie
Coach & Trainer

I've found actionable tools, both for in the practice room and on stage that have shown a notable improvement in my performance outcome, both musically and emotionally. The combination of clear, step-by-step tools and genuine, heartful guidance is top-notch.


Evelyn Hupka
College Student

I had some reservations about whether I was going to be the youngest or least experienced one there, but thankfully I found everyone was extremely kind and supportive!! The seminar changed how I perceive performance, and it has given me some great tools to improve my performing and public speaking skills.


Mark Davidson
Utah Symphony

This is not your typical seminar-ANYONE can benefit from his ideas, techniques and approach. I can't emphasize enough how important Jeff's concepts have been in my musical and personal growth. In particular, the personal narrative storyboard Jeff shares in the seminar has had a profound effect on my thoughts and approach towards music. I would highly recommend to any person at any stage of development whether it be beginner, amateur, or professional to attend this special event.

You can start writing your success story, too!

Join the seminar, and learn our performance tools in one weekend. Then, keep refining them in our Fearless Campers Community. Don't forget to share your wins, like these campers! We love to celebrate! 

You'll walk out of this seminar with
3-Days of Hands-On Training AND... 

The Magic Line Performance System

A 10-step system to practice performing. YES! Performing is a skill that can be systematized and learned!

The Fearless Performance System Workbook

Over 70 pages of writings and illustrations to help you remember everything you learned during the seminar.

The Fearless Seminar Online Platform

Review your seminar experience like an online course, with video replays accessible for 30-days guaranteed (although tbh, our summer 2021 recordings are still available!) 

Custom Fearless Performance Tools

Create your own tangible performance tools suited to your needs. Then, learn how to evaluate how well they are working and continue to evolve them. 

The Fearless Campers Facebook Group

With your seminar tuition comes an exclusive invite to our private Facebook community. Continue practicing performing with others who have taken the deep dive into this work like you!

The Fearless Training System Framework 

Learn how to train efficiently and effectively for your next big event.

* PLUS *

To jumpstart your mental game mastery, we've planned in-depth sessions on presence, inspiration, mindset, skill acquisition, performance psychology, and more!

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