Your Ultimate Guide to Performance Success


Learn a simple 5-pillar performance training blueprint to rinse and repeat until you start seeing the successes you want. 

  • Gain full clarity on how to structure & pace your training before your next important performance
  • Learn how to trust yourself a bit more to create consistent, high-quality performances
  • Generate confidence in your ability to share what you’ve prepared with your audience

Join me on Zoom! Wednesday, August 17th at 2 PM ET 


When it comes to performance training, less is not more. 

Find your next improvement! This plan can augment any strategy you're following or become your new tried and true standalone process.  It's not a book you have to read and re-read every performance. It's not an online course you have to spend hours working through.  Learn the plan in 1 hour and take it with your for life as you ride that upward learning spiral! Here's what do to.

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Jump on Zoom on Wednesday, August 17th at 2 PM ET

You'll get a workbook with everything you need to remember, so you can just relax, absorb, and answer some fun questions in the chat!

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Meet Your Host


I get really scared when I perform. Do you? I’ve learned that most people do, and wayyyy more than we realize. Whether it’s on stage, in the classroom, or just in challenging conversations, I can freak out when I don’t expect it. When I do expect it, I freak out even more!

In spite of my massive performance anxiety, I’ve figured out how to perform well enough to perform professionally for over 30 years. I'm a member of Canadian Brass, I've won multiple orchestral auditions, and I'm Professor of Music at the prestigious Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.

All my success and struggles inform my methods because it’s hard to teach that which you haven’t had to learn. So, wanna know what REALLY lights me up? Helping people who have had enough of getting slowed down by their fear. I've been there! I’m still there! I know how hard this can be! I’m living proof that we can learn our way past our fears, eventually making habits of embracing opportunities rather than just being right (and upset) about what might go wrong.

I’d love to help you… let's hang on August 17th!